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Indian Cookware, Utensils – Delight To A Household

Indian Cookware, Utensils – Delight To A Household

Kitchen utensils and cookware are a delight for the Indian household and often becomes gifts for every occasion.
Utensils and vessels in india have a lot of traditional design and made of different metals.
Here are some items that you can buy for self or for gifting to your friends.

Pigeon Favourite Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Outer Lid, 3 Litres, Silver

Prestige Omega Deluxe Induction Base Non-Stick Kitchen Set, 3-Pieces

Buy Cooker Best Sellers

Cooking Pans

Cooker Induction Base

Non Stick Pans For Induction

Tosaa  7 cavity appam patra

  Check others

Solimo Non-Stick Tadka Pan

Check others

Futura Non-stick Dosa Tawa

Check others

Tosaa Square Grill Pan

Check Other

Copper Handi

  Other Handi

Tawa, Pan & Kadhai

Puri Press / Papad Maker

Others Roti

Pressure Cooker

2 Tier Steamer

Marble Roti Maker

Snack Maker

Other snack maker

More Roti Maker

Dinner Set


Signoraware Plates


Cup set


Other Appliances




Other Appliances


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Soft Drinks And Snacks

Soft Drinks And Snacks

Use this easy list to order your weekly snack and bites and soft drink list. Check if its on pantry on amazon. If not use the prime membership to work out delivery charges to minimum. Look for discounts and also check out the seller rating on amazon for 2 or 3 star and more. Cash on delivery is a good option. Amazon pantry offers discounts on purchases above Rs 1000 and Rs 2000. Infact each item many a times carry a discount. So take your time and find your deals. Use this list to narrow your search.

Paper Boat Juice, Aamras, 1L

Check Best Sellers

Real Fruit Power Mixed Fruits, 1L

Revive Premium Assorted Milk Shake

Tropicana 100% Juice – Apple, 1 ltr

More from Tropicana

Real Activ Fiber Multi Fruit 1Ltr – with No Added Sugar

Check other Real Drinks

Lipton Ice Tea, Peach, 350ml each (Pack of 6)

Bounce Superwater Mixed Pack of Peach

Bounce – Check For Others

Rio Blue Berry Peach Fusion

Check For Others Here

Tang Instant Drink Mix

Check For Other Tang

Coca-Cola Fridge Pack 1.25l (Pack of 2)

Other Coca Cola Products

Valentino Sparkling Fruit Cocktail

Check For Others

Ocean Active Water Peach 500 ML – (Pack of 24)

Check For Others
Gatorade Sports Drink, Lemon, 500ml each (Pack of 6)

Coca-Cola Can 300ml (Pack of 4)

All Snacks

Check Every Snack List 

Karachi Bakery Fruit Biscuits, 400g

Solimo Premium Almonds, 250g

Other nuts and seeds

Unibic Assorted Cookies, 450g (Pack of 6)

Britannia The Original Bourbon, 60g

Pillsbury Cookie Cake, Chocolate, 276g (12 Single Packs Inside)

Lays Potato Chips – American Style Cream & Onion Flavour (Party Pack) – 177 gm Pack

Other chips

True Elements Pumpkin Seeds, 150g

Kurkure Namkeen – Aloo Bhujia, 1 kg

Bestsellers in Namkeen

Cadbury Oreo Biscuits, Orginal, 50g

Sunfeast Farmlite Almond, 75g

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Meltz, 50 g

Act II Instant Popcorn, Golden Sizzle, 40g

Britannia NutriChoice Cream Cracker, 100g

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Budget Laptop Table – A Convenient Buddy

Multipurpose Mobile Table For Laptops

You may be working at office and may want to stand up for a bit and still work on your computer with some elevation on your regular work table. Or maybe lye down on the bed at home and still check your emails on your laptop. Or complete your assignment while reclining on your sofa with your laptop.

A multipurpose mobile table is the right thing you are looking for so that you can conveniently work on your laptop while sitting, standing or lying down. Check out these Lapdesks.

PAffy Bamboo Wooden

Buy Portronics MyBuddy+
All Lap Desks Lap Desk Wood
Lap Desk Steel / Plastic Laptop Accessories

Check for this one below if its in stock, click the image.

Portronics Multifunctional Laptop Desk

Range To Buy For (+-) Rs 2000  (Click images for the product details)

And one more sleek one …

Check here for more than Rs 1000 and below Rs 2000 – Click here

Range To Buy For (-) Rs 1000

And one more below Rs 1000           

Check for many more here : Items Below Rs 1000

Great Discounts On Products Listed Below 


Check the extended list with 50% Discount  – Click For 50% Discounts Here

Other Accessories

Drink Cup Holder Clips
LED Light Extn Cord Cable Organizer
Tangle Free Cord
Cable Wire Tie Color Tag
  Self-Adhesive Cable Clips Wire Organizing Clips

4 in one charging pins
Cable Holder Clips Organizer Lightning Charger Cable Saver

Car Laptopholder

And A Few More Lapdesk


Add To Your Seating Comfort While Working On Your Lapdesk

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Comfortable Night Wear | Men | Women

Comfortable Night Wear | Men | Women

Women’s Cotton Nighty NT-A33-473

Women’s Cotton Printed Nighty

Women’s Cotton Printed Nighty

 Women’s Cotton Kaftan

 Women’s Cotton Printed Nighty

 Women’s Satin Printed Night Suit

 Women’s Hosiery Nighty

Klamotten Women’s Cotton Pyjama Set

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Quick Dashboard For 50% Deals And Best Sellers For Pyjamas, Tops, Pants, Nighty (Womens)

 Night Pyjama (W) 50% Off Night Tops (W) 50% Off Night Pants (W) 50% Off Nighty (W) 50%
Best Seller Best Seller Best Seller Best Seller

Check Out Food Pantry Discounts Too

More On Nighties And Pyjamas

Masha Women’s Hoiesry Nighty

Masha Women’s Cotton Nighty

Masha Women’s Cotton Printed Nighty

Klamotten Women’s Cotton Pyjama Set

AV2 Women Cotton Printed Top & Pyjama Set

AV2 Women Cotton Floral Print Top & Pyjama Set

Grand Bear Stylish Harem pant For Women(Free Size)

Nite Flite Women’s Cupcake cotton pajamas

Clifton Women’s Long Top – Bold Stripes – Dark Green

Clifton Womens Long Top Nightwear-Floral – Navy


Kanika Women Cotton Nighty

Check Junior Girls Sleepsuit – Click Here

Mens Quick Dashboard For 50% Deals And Best Sellers

Night Pyjama (Mens) 50% Off Night Tops (Mens) 50% Off Night Shorts  (Mens) 50% Off
Best Seller Best Seller Best Seller

Nuteez Pyjama Set
Checked Cotton Pyjama GlobalRang Men’s Pyjama Multicolor Checked Cotton Pyjama
Symbol Men’s Cotton Shorts
Men’s Cotton Lounge Shorts
Vimal Cotton Shorts Turquoise Blue Shorts

 Check Boys Sleep Suits – Click Here

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Check Out Kalamkari Kind Of Dress

Kalamkari Dress

Kalamkari means Pen drawn dress. The designs and drawings are elaborate and complicated in most cases. Today it is either hand printed or block printed. All kinds of dresses and wall hangings are made from this style of fabric making.

Blue Silk Kalamkari Saree GiftPiper Kalamkari Saree

 Kalamkari Handblock Print Blouse Material

Green Kalamkari Printed Cotton Palazzo

Check out Kamalkari 50% discount. Check out Kamalkari Unstitched dress material.

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More …

More …

More …

More …

More …

More …

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The Wonder Of Concealer And Contour | Fashion | Women | Make Up

The Wonder Of Concealer And Contour | Fashion | Women Make Up

Concealer contoured



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Concealer is the wonder product that makes your skin look blemish-less.
Have you seen faces that looks like it never had marks, scars, cuts and
blemish. It could be natural or it could be made up. It dont matter how
young or old you are. It dont matter what color your skin is.
There is a shade for you that you can match and conceal imperfections on
your skin and bring out that perfect blemish-less concealer.

Concealer Fit Me

Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer, 25 Medium, 6.8ml


For makeup that doesn’t mess with you and let’s you bring out your inner beauty flawlessly, Maybelline New York brings the new Fit Me! concealer. With the Fit Me! concealer you’ll get the ultimate touch-up coverage for any dark spots or imperfections. You can bid goodbye to any imperfection that holds you back.

3 shades, medium pink, medium nude, medium coral
Natural looking, fade proof
All skin types
Fit Me Concealer, 20 Sand Lumi Touch Concealer, Honey

 Fit Me Concealer, 25 Medium

Highlight Contour Concealer Pen Pencil

How To Conceal !


Contour products help to give your face more shape and definition by
detailing make up on areas of the face that need that arrangement,
especially the high cheeks, jawline and nose.
It helps to make your face seem to have very slightly changed in shape
when you work with a desired goal in mind, like making the nose appear
Make sure to match the colors you choose with your skin tones to match
your actual skin color when under a shade and when under light to work in
that definition that you are looking for.

Facestudio Master Contour

Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick, Light


Master the perfect v-shaped face with this easy-to-use contouring and highlighting duo. This 2-in-1 stick creates the illusion of structure and lift in two easy steps.

Facestudio Master Contour

Facestudio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

Face Studio duo Stick (Medium to Dark)

Face Studio DUO Powder, Light Medium

How To Contour !

Learn More About Pantry

Cleanser Sheet mask Essence Serum
Moisturizer Luminosity Sleep Time Facial Eyes Moisturizer
Face Primer Foundation Concealer Highlighter
Contour Cheek Face Spray   

Also check WeddingLakme Revlon Maybelline | L’Oreal

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Tip Of The Day
Buy using pantry always more than Rs 1000 to get the discount and over Rs 2000 for more discount. Remember the box you pay for is only Rs 20 per box, so get your discount and cover for your box cost also. And your delivery is already free. And it is next day in select cities. Deal. Deal. Deal.

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50% Discount On Key Electronic Accessories | Dashboard

50% Discount On Key Electronic Accessories

Many products on amazon are sold out on great discounts , thanks you booming internet sales and competition. All you got to do is click these links and let it direct you to relevant search results for each section that are under discount of 50%. Use further filters like star rating , products on prime delivery to get the kind of product and delivery option you would like. Always work to get it free on delivery.

SmartPhone PrinterHeader
Mobile Accessories
Computer Accessories
Networking Devices
Keyboard And Mouse
Data Storage
Printers And Ink


Mobile Accessories


More Car Accessories To Help Your Smartphone

More Here…




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Books For GRE | MBA | JEE | TOEFL

Check Out Amazon Central , Books For All Major Exams

Click here to go to Amazon Central.

I was browsing amazon and hit this link for exam books. Since each family has someone preparing for exams i felt it would be useful to share. You can book mark it if you like.

It has books on national and international exams. Click the image below or link above to check those books and buy if you find any you like. Have a great day.

– Precision Shopping


School And College

Check out class 1-12 software education tools, Gift it College text books engg, medicine

School Texts And Check e-Kindle

Competitive Exams
College And School Subjects

Note Books Resources

Get the free Kindle app on your smart phone or desktop and download free e-books to read.


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Some Tools


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My Electronic Dashboard Picks | Office | Home | Commercial

Electronics | Computing Hardware | Digital | Sound | Light | Video

{Click Any Of The Images To Buy It At Amazon}

Amazon_Cassini_StorefrontBanner_With_Logo_750x375_013017_FA[1] 02_template_cg_750x375._V509652813_[1]
Computing Hardware

Computing Accessories

All Electronics

Assemble Components

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4 81jtRF6V1LL._SX355_[1]
 Office Stationery



Sound Controllers


7297_NetworkingHubs_440x315._V273560373_[1].png cloud-computing-2153286_960_720
Networking  Cloud
Gaming  Home Entertainment


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More For Kids >

1007185_BestInternationalToys_ContentGrid_750x375._V279466389_[1].png 1032910_toys_evergreen_electronic_cg-sm-tile_750x375_en[1].jpg
Hand Held Games Education Electronics Toys
Educational Computers Electronic Toys
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More For Stage >

live-sound-setup-640x420[1].jpg 51QEhX19hiL._SY355_[1].jpg

Stage Recording

Studio Lighting

Indoor lighting

Specialty Lighting


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