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What is Amazon Pantry ?

Amazon Pantry is an online supermarket where Amazon customers can buy grocery and household items. You can fill a virtual box of items from the Amazon Pantry store and have them delivered to your doorstep for a delivery charge of Rs. 20. With Amazon Pantry, you can buy a variety of grocery and household items and have them delivered to your doorstep. Along with its wide selection of grocery and household products, Amazon Pantry provides great value prices and deals. Amazon will be expanding to many more cities in the coming months, so keep checking.

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button_precise-search-at-amazonClick this button and use the precision amazon list to add items to your shopping cart conveniently. These Precise search is not Pantry items but regular Amazon Grocery food items that has a different discount and delivery costs and delivery schedule.

Pantry food items have a next day delivery benefit and it has a good discount and low delivery cost too, especially when you purchase above Rs 1000 and Rs 2000.

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Chocolates Organic store NSEW-India

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Check out the handpicked pantry list (scroll below) that will help you purchase your food items in a jiffy.

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Tip Of The Day
 Buy using pantry always more than Rs 1000 to get the discount and over Rs 2000 for more discount. Remember the box you pay for is only Rs 20 per box, so get your discount and cover for your box cost also. And your delivery is already free. And it is next day in select cities. Deal. Deal. Deal.

Here is more: (Click the image to buy it from Amazon. Find alternates from pantry for products marked out of stock at amazon at times.) If the needed products are not on pantry, its better to do regular purchases using Amazon Prime membership prime-check-badge-14._CB138348888_[1], which is a one time charge per year, that wins you free delivery for prime products for a year.  Saves a lot.

Apple Cidar Vinegar (Non Pantry) apples-1008880_640

Kellogg’s Cornflakes with Real Strawberry Puree, 575g

Brooke Bond Red Label Tea Leaf Carton, 500g

Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup 1 kg
Knorr Sweet Corn Chicken Soup 42 g
Agro Fresh Premium Idly Rice, 1kg
Aashirvaad Superior Mp Atta, 1kg
Maggi 2-Minutes Noodles Masala, 560g
Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil, 5L Can (DEL3)
Brooke Bond, Taj Mahal Tea, 500g
Tata Salt, 1kg
Kissan Orange Marmalade Jam 200 g
Tata Salt, 1kg
Sundrop Peanut Butter Creamy, 200g
Junior Horlicks Stage 2 (4-6 years) Health & Nutrition drink – 500 g Refill pack (Original flavor)
Cadbury Oreo Biscuit, Strawberry Crème, 150g
Tropicana Apple 100% Juice , 200 ml
Amul Ghee
Kellogg’s Chocos Chocolate, 250g
Tang Instant Drink Mix, Lemon Flavor, 500 g Pouch
Borges Mini Penne Rigate Durum Wheat Pasta, 350g
Sundrop Peanut Butter Honey Roast Creamy, 462g
Agro Fresh Premium Guntur Chilly, 500g
India Gate Basmati Rice Bag, Classic, 5kg
Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml
Brown and Polson Vanilla Custard Powder, 500g
Panjon Swad Mouth Freshener, White Sweet Saunf, 110g
Catch Chicken Masala, 100g
Catch Sprinklers – Iodized Table Salt, 200g Bottle – Pantry
Snapin Cinnamon Powder, 40g
Knorr Classic Chicken Delite Soup 44 g
Agro Fresh Premium Whole Urad, 500g
Agro Fresh Regular Toor Dal, 1kg
24 Mantra Organic Bengalgram Chana Dal, 500g
Knorr Easy To Cook Chinese Manchurian Ready Mix, 55g
Solimo Premium Raisins, 250g
Agro Fresh Premium Ground Nut, 500g
Keya Malabar Chicken Pickle, 270g
Kitchens of India Ready to Eat Yakhni Pulao, 250g
Agro Fresh Premium Ground Nut, 500g
Agro Fresh Premium Sooji Rawa, 500g
Agro Fresh Premium Idli Rawa, 1kg
Agro Fresh Thick Avalakki, 1kg (Poha)
Agro Fresh Jeera, 50g
Agro Fresh Premium Black Channa, 500g
Agro Fresh Premium Moong Whole, 500g
Agro Fresh Premium Fried Gram, 500g
Agro Fresh Regular Channa Dal, 1kg
Agro Fresh Slab Tamarind, 500g
Agro Fresh Big Mustard, 100g
Agro Fresh Black Pepper, 50g
Agro Fresh Green Cardamom, 25g
Agro Fresh Rajma White, 1kg
Agro Fresh Cinamon, 50g
Agro Fresh Methi, 50g
Patanjali Turmeric Powder, 200g
Agro Fresh Sugar,1kg
24 Mantra Organic Mustard Seed, Small, 100g
Bambino Vermicelli, Roasted, 450g
Parachute Coconut Oil, Bottle, 250ml
Agro Fresh Thin Avalakki, 500g (Poha)
Eastern Cumin Powder, 100g
Snapin Chilly Flakes, 38g
Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup 1 kg
Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – 473 ml
24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds, 200g
Apis Himalaya Honey, 500g each (Buy one,get one free) –Non Pantry Item
Weikfield Caramel Pudding Mix, 65g
Weikfield Mango Faloda Mix, 200g
Weikfield Cooker Cake Mix, Chocolate, 175g with Cocoa Powder 20g Free
Cadbury Bournvita Pro Health Chocolate Cookies, 120g
Weikfield Cocoa Powder, 50g
Nestle Milkmaid, 400g
Keya Black Pepper Powder Bottle, 60g
Betty Crocker Pancake Mix, 500g
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, 623g
Sunfeast Darkfantasy Chocofills Luxuria, 150g
Weikfield Green Chilli Sauce, 200g
Agro Fresh Cooking Soda, 100g
Britannia Vita Marie Gold, 300g
Cadbury Golden Oreo Biscuits, Vanilla Crème, 50g
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, Vanilla Cream 50 g
Agro Fresh Jeera, 100g
Catch Sprinklers Chat Masala, 100g
Catch Spice Dry Ginger Powder, 100g
Catch Sprinklers – Iodized Table Salt, 200g Bottle
Agro Fresh Red Avalakki, 500g (Poha)
Agro Fresh Soya Beans, 500g
Brown and Polson Corn Flour, Carton, 500g
Agro Fresh White Peas, 1kg
Agro Fresh Premium Green Peas, 500g
India Gate Basmati Rice, Rozana, 5kg
Agro Fresh Rajma Red, 1kg
Daawat Rozana Super Basmati Rice, 5kg


Quick Reminder List 

Idly Rice

Whole Dhaniya

Turmeric Powder

Regular Toor Dal

Moong Dal

Whole Urad

Fresh Sugar

Fresh Jeera


Raw Rice Brown

Tata Coffee

Rice Bran Health Oil

Atta Multigrains

Urad Dal White

Ginger Powder

Garam Masala

Quick Reminder List 2

Vim Liquid

One time Razor 5

Surf Liquid

Hair Cream


Dettol Liquid

Harpic Bathroom

Surf Excel Bar

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